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West High Welcomes 2019 Homecoming Queen Chloe Bolling



Sept. 20th was a day full of surprises for Homecoming candidate, Chloe Bolling. On Aug. 30th, all the curiosity turned to excitement when Chloe was announced as a member of the 2019 homecoming court.

Chloe is known by most West High students. She is very active in Encore Theatrical Company and is the Arts and Entertainment Editor of West Side Story. The most important aspect of Bolling’s life, however, is her close relationship to her family and friends. Chloe stated that she felt very loved by all her friends saying, “I was so shocked when they said my name. My escort and I were just throwing up peace signs having a good time, and when they called my name my jaw dropped. I am so blessed that there are so many amazing people in my life and I love and appreciate them so much.”

Bolling also shared some aspects of her life outside of school. She talked about her future by saying, “I really want to be an English teacher when I get older. I love the thought of building relationships with my students, and I always had closer relationships with my English teachers.”

Bolling is not only a dedicated actor, but she is also very dedicated to her church and her religion. She talked about a quote that really inspires her, and said, “I would have to say I live by the bible verse Psalms 56:3 which says, “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.’”

Despite her nervousness being a part of the homecoming court, Bolling said that it was “an amazing experience, and a night she will never forget.”

West High student Chloe Bolling after being crowned Homecoming Queen.
West High student Chloe Bolling after being crowned Homecoming Queen.

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