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West High Students, Teachers share thoughts about new safety drop down blinds

Sidelight and door windows have been identified as a safety problem for classrooms. Classroom windows promote safety by providing accountability, but they have also been confirmed to be a vulnerable point during active shooter situations. These windows have been used by shooters to look for targets and release fire into classrooms. Even if the classroom door is locked or barricaded, an active shooter could be encouraged to attack if they can see a clear view into the classrooms.

Drop down blinds are a simple solution for keeping classrooms protected in an emergency. These covers can be quickly deployed, providing classroom coverage in an instant. West High has implicated these drop down blinds in case of emergencies.

Jose Rodriguez points to newly installed safety drop down blinds.
Jose Rodriguez points to newly installed safety drop down blinds.

These are some opinions from West High students and teachers about these drop down blinds:

“Its a good idea and necessary for our safety, but it shouldn't be necessary because school should be a safe environment.” - Aidan, McCauley Junior.

“I think they should be more opaque like not see through cause its just paper anybody could easily rip it off.” - Ryleigh Ricker, Senior.

“I think it's a good idea. Now the top one I think is a little unnecessary because no ones gonna like get a ladder and climb up there.” - Ms. Gatlin

“I think that paper isn't bulletproof, but it's the thought that counts.” - Kamora Hunt, Sophomore.

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