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West High Students Teach Alpha Elementary ESP Students Every Tuesday,Thursday


Students who are enrolled in teaching as a profession will be teaching Alpha students twice a week. TAP students will go Tuesday and Thursdays to Alpha Elementary and teach the Extended School Program from 3:20- 5:00 pm. The students will be teaching them for the 2019-2020 school year. This program has just started this year and ten West High students joined to help teach Alpha Elementary students twice a week after the school day is over. Mrs. Scariano said, “Any student who is currently in an education plus training class, can pass a background check, has reliable transportation, and has required an approval from her, can apply.”

The program was started by the ESP at central office and Scariano. Both of them started it this school year. Scariano is hoping that this will help the ESP students a lot with school. Every student who joined got a background check and gets an approval from Scariano. They will be able to teach Alpha Elementary kids. The main reason for this program is that students who want to teach in the future can get an education from it and practice for the future when they graduate college. They will teach the students for two hours after school is out. This program will help the Alpha students out a lot with mastering homework and having fun in the extended school program.

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