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West High Students Celebrate with Homecoming Tailgate Breakfast

Updated: Oct 2, 2019



Thursday's homecoming tailgate was a blast and was very popular among students! The crowd had arrived before some booths were even set up! Some students even spent the night at the school parking lot! Most of these, of course were seniors who wanted to cherish their last tailgate with the Trojan Family.

Students (and teachers) loved pajama day and were dressed up in everything from Mickey Mouse pajamas to panda and dinosaur onesies. Although some didn't dress up, that didn't stop them from having a wonderful time! 

There was all kinds of games ranging from corn hole to everyone's class favorite, Kahoot! This Kahoot games included math questions, and other thrilling games that made everyone around want to join in for the fun! Everyone's stomachs were full of sugar and McDonald's Sausage biscuits. So many biscuits in fact, we think Mrs. Sedlack may have broken the record for world’s longest McDonalds receipt! Carmel apples were given out by FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), while smoothies and parfaits were given out from the cafeteria crew.

There were also many other stands that were full of delicious snacks that were put for students to enjoy. As a Trojan Nation Family, the objective is to make everyone feel welcomed, and as always, be the one.

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