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West High’s 2022 Year in Review

2022 Year in Review
2022 Year in Review

2023 has arrived and with it room for many promising events. However, while the future of the Trojan Nation’s prosperity is unclear, the past year of accomplishments are nothing to bat an eye at. Through thick and thin, the Trojan Nation has stood through many virtuous times as well as occasional blunders in the road. Come take a dive with the West High newspaper staff in a recollection of the top moments in the Trojan Nation’s 2022 school year.

1. West High’s New Assistant Principal

Carrie Chambers Clowney’s abundant resume proves her no stranger to acting as a cutting force within our education system. Her career humbly started as a teacher in the East Tennessee area. August of 2022 would be when she found higher ranked employment in the arms of West High. Her charming character and ambitions towards her new career are overall admirable. On behalf of the Trojan Nation, she has been a treat to have around this school year.

2. Trojans Send Hurricanes Flying

West High’s varsity football season always begins and ends with a bang. Aug. 20 marked the beginning of the 2022 season. Not only that, but the largest attended game of the season: West High Trojans vs. East High Hurricanes. With various skillful runs throughout that night’s game the Trojans would nab a major, prideful win. The final score? Trojans 24, Hurricanes 7.

3. Brian Marcum’s Passing

In spite of the school year starting frivolously, tragedy is a part of life that cannot be avoided. Brian Marcum led an admirable life as a history teacher of 15 years. Not just a history teacher, but he was also a beloved coach for West High’s football team. The afternoon of Aug. 24, 2022, a motorcycle accident ended his life. While his 53 years of life were tragically cut short, the Trojan Nation will never forget the legacy Marcum had left behind.

4. Warm Regards to 2022’s Homecoming Queen

The Trojan Nation takes heavy pride within its student body diversity, 2022’s homecoming queen was a shining example of Hispanic pride. September 23, 2022 would not just be the Trojan Nation’s annual homecoming parade, but also the night Arely Molina was crowned homecoming queen. Her victory would be a large leap in a long line of a non-diverse homecoming court.

5. Trojan Hall of Fame Expands by 5 Members

For those unfamiliar with it, the Trojan Hall of Fame, a system honoring outstanding alumni, teachers, or coaches who have previously been involved with the Trojan Nation. Seniors were able to attend a ceremony to meet the new Hall of Fame members in person. Michael Abbott, Dr. Ashley Campbell Lindley, Frank McGuffin, and John Litz, Suzanne Cox have achieved various great things with their lives. Their actions help people worldwide. The Trojan Nation is proud to have them included in such a high prestige.

6. First Annual International Night

Once again, the Trojan Nation exhibits pride within its student diversity. Its first annual International Night was hosted in November. The Trojan Nation and the local community celebrated the heritages of various cultures around the world. Food, live music, dancing, and singing were enjoyed by attendees.

7. Salansky Family Brings Home Pride

Matthew Salansky, son of Coach Salansky, is the starting long snapper for the University of Tennessee’s football team. He was a key factor in the December 17, 2022 game against Alabama. Matthew was quoted, “[his] father [was his] biggest inspiration because he was [his] strength coach in high school and helped mold [him] into who [he is] today.” The Trojan Nation is proud to be a part of his successful upbringing.

8. Carnival & Pieing Landefeld

Nov. 18, 2022 Trojan Nation cafeteria staff would sponsor a lunch-wide event in attempts to combat student lunch debt. Students could pitch in with their own money with an incentive of getting the privilege to partake in a goofy event with one of the Trojan Nation’s beloved assistant principals. The four lunch periods at West High raised $340. With that money came Landefeld tasting sweet pie during all four of the lunch blocks that day.

9. Todd’s Big Break

Jason Todd, West High’s theater arts teacher, directed his first play in 2022. The production, “Newsies Jr.”, followed union leader Jack Kelly and his gathering of street children fighting for the rights of working children in late 1800s New York. Alex Parchem, who played Jack Kelly, shared his thoughts. “ [Opening night’s performance felt like,] It was every best part of the rehearsals, all in one go. I have faith that the theater arts program will continue to grow and be good. And improve upon the productions to come.”

10. ¨Inspiring¨ Marching Season

West High's marching band has been called one of its main attractions. 2022’s field show, Inspire, pleased many crowds through many performances. From Friday night football games to Saturday competitions alike. Song selections included: Ah-Ha, Sing, and Cheerleader (All arranged by Jay Dawson). Jared Box, band director at West High for two years, led a fine group of hardworking students to perform yet another successful year.

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