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Alarcon, Murphy Voted Class Clowns


The senior class voted two class clowns. Their names are Casey Jared Murphy and Leslie Rae Alarcon. Alarcon loves telling jokes and pulling pranks with the type of situation there is. She mostly tells her jokes and pulls pranks on her friends, and she loves making other people laugh. Alarcon said, “I have always enjoyed making others laugh and have a fun time.” She loves making people laugh because she loves smiling, and it makes her happy that people enjoy laughing as much as her. The jokes that Alarcon tells are mostly teen relatable jokes because the more relatable the more interesting and interactive. Alarcon will also tell jokes just to cheer people up from a bad day.

The second class clown is Casey Murphy. Murphy has always been a clown. He tells and pull pranks on all of his friends. He has been telling jokes ever since he could talk so he has been telling jokes for 14 years now. Murphy said,” I love making people smile because it makes my day.” He also pranks and tells jokes on his parents. He tells jokes to his friends and family because it makes them laugh and smile which make his day better.

Leslie Rae Alarcon loves making jokes, pulling pranks, and making family and friends smile.