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West High CDC Sells Caramel Apples



Its Caramel Apple time! The CDC department at West High is having their annual Caramel Apple fundraiser! Freshly made Caramel apples were just picked up and are ready to be delivered. Orders will be competed on a first come, first serve basis until they run out! One can place an order {make sure you tell the school} Or a school order can be placed.

Apples will be delivered apples Tuesday and Wednesday {29 and 30} this week so one will have them for Halloween. We ask that money be left at the school office by Tuesday morning in an envelope so we can pick it up when apples are delivered. One can also welcome to stop by West high to pick up an order.

Apples are $2.00 each

Apple flavors:  

Carmel with nuts 

Carmel with sugar 

Carmel with sprinkles

Carmel with nuts and chocolate chips 

Cherry caramel with nuts

Cherry caramel with sugar

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