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West High Announces the Best Dressed in this Year’s 2020 Senior Class


As a senior, the realization that the last year of high school time has arrived. Seniors are nearing their end, and the four years that they thought would never conclude is coming to a finish line. These seniors have managed to make it through dress codes, late night cramming’s, and the extracurricular activities that made their high school years distinctive. As the days become numbered for each senior student, they look onward to independence. Each senior is full of excitement prior to their first completion, graduation. Each senior student is remembered for their personalities, character, or morals. At West High, senior classes were allowed and given the opportunity to vote for one male and female that would most suit the given superlatives.

Riley Menees was elected Best Dressed for the Senior class of 2020
Riley Menees was elected Best Dressed for the Senior class of 2020.

Riley Elizabeth Menees will be remembered upon the Class of 2020 as being the female to be Best Dressed. Menees said, “I am excited to receive this superlative. My sister also won this her senior year, and this makes me glad in being able to carry on the tradition.” Menees responded to where she buys her clothes by saying, “I don’t shop at one specific place: I enjoy shopping at a lot of places. A few of my favorite stores are Lizard Thicket, TJ-Maxx, Forever 21, Nike, and Urban Outfitters.” Many of us have a celebrity’s style that has inspired us to be like them. Menees says that the celebrity style that has inspired her is, Kelsea Ballerini. The most important question that was asked is the time it takes her to get ready. Menees stated, “It only takes me about 30 minutes.”

Dalton Anthony Miksa was elected best Dressed for the class of 2020
Dalton Anthony Miksa was elected best Dressed for the class of 2020

The chosen male at West High among the senior class of 2020 is Dalton Anthony Miksa. Miksa states, “I’m honestly super honored. It means a lot to be chosen, as I have struggled with self-confidence, especially when it comes to what I wear. If there’s anything I could tell people that want to start getting into clothing, it’s that you don’t need to spend a ton of money to dress well. There’s so many opportunities to express oneself through personal style; don’t be afraid to wear what you like.” Responding to the amount of time it takes him, he said, “I wish I could say five minutes, but it usually ends up being around 45 minutes to an hour mostly because I can never decide on an outfit.”

Many of us have a favorite brand of clothes, but according to Miksa he says, “I don’t necessarily have a favorite brand of clothing. If I really like a piece and it won’t drain my bank account, there’s a good chance I’ll buy it. However, Uniqlo has good basics and jeans, I have a Levi’s denim jacket that I love, and you can’t go wrong with a pair of Jordan retro 1’s.” Many of us have a celebrity that has either or inspired us in some way. Miksa states, “I really love the way John Mayer can wear anything and make it look good.”

As of the graduating class of 2020, West High students recognized these students and many other upon the chosen superlatives. Many of them will be remembered and looked up to. Others share many distinct personalities that they will be remembered for. Just like Miksa said, “It could’ve honestly been anyone; so many seniors have unique and distinct styles.”

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