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West Enjoys Newly Renovated Bathrooms

By Andrew Goodman

Probably one of the most requested renovations for West High School has been completed! Staff and students are now able to enjoy newly renovated bathrooms! Gone are the days of faulty fixtures and disgusting stalls. Following a slightly similar design to the Freshmen Academy built in 2014 with accommodations for existing parts of the building, the new bathrooms feature a beautiful gray tile wall matching the school colors. Sinks are now built into the counter tops and pipes are no longer exposed.

Bathroom Counter Tops
The new counter tops are just part of the many improvements to the male and female bathrooms.

This is just part of the many renovations coming to West High School in the coming months such as a new administrative wing and expanded cafeteria. Below are some pictures of the progress made so far.

Construction in progress for the new administrative wing.

The new cafeteria expansion being built.

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