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Ways To Improve Mental Health

An estimate of 49.5 percent of teens in the United States have had a mental health disorder at one time in their lives. There are many different reasons that someone could have a mental disorder. Some of the reasons for a disorder could be trauma, cyberbullying, bullying, early loss, etc. Some ways to cope with a disorder could be getting a pet, managing time on social media, take care of your body, or even asking for help.

Having a pet can help with mental disorders in many different ways. Pets can boost your happiness. Studies show that they decrease stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, etc. They can help increase physical activity by taking a pet on a walk. Having to feed, exercise, and care for an animal can help keep a daily routine.

A 2018 University in Pennsylvania found that limiting time on social media to about 30 minutes a day can increase mental health stability. A way to keep off of social media is to set an alarm on your phone. Make plans with family or friends to go out and stay off all social media for a day. Turn off all notifications after a certain time to keep from wanting to check and look at the phone.

Taking care of your body can increase your mental health. A lot of the time people tend to focus on all of the negative things going on. Try focusing on the good things around. Having a positive mindset puts you on the path to great self-care. Many people are sleep-deprived because when they are tired they stay up later than they should. Daily naps and going to sleep earlier can make someone feel better rested which will increase your mental health. Having self-care tips in your daily or weekly routine can help a person feel joyful, make better decisions, and even build stronger relationships and communicate more.

Sometimes talking to someone or writing down your feelings can help you feel more like you do not have to hide your feelings. Hiding how you feel can bring you down a lot. It is recommended to get a counselor or a therapist to talk to when needing someone to talk to. Even talking to a trusted adult or friend could be a great idea. For someone that is not great with talking to others, you can try writing down your thoughts in a journal.

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