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Ways to Help Others During Quarantine

By Madi Blackburn, Staff Writer

Being isolated due to Covid-19 is a hard time for everyone. Taking care of yourself during a pandemic like this is important, but it is just as important to help those around you.

Physically distance, do not social distance. “Social distancing” is not the best term. Rather, we should physically distance. Keeping in contact with others over the phone is perhaps even more important while in quarantine than before. Isolation can easily put people into states of depression, and it is important to check on family and friends when able. Take this time to write a letter or make a card for someone you know, which is more personal than just a text. It is important to stay aware of your mental health during a time like this, and just calling or texting someone at least a few days a week can help with the loneliness that most people are facing.

Offer to run errands when able. The elderly or those who work long hours can always use help with errands, especially while this virus is active. Offer to pick up groceries for someone you know who might not have the time or ability to do this task themselves. Even if you do not have a car, just getting the mail or taking out the trash is a big help to those you live with.

Use the power of social media to your advantage. There are many apps that allow for people to video chat from their phones or computers, such as FaceTime and Skype. Use these to keep friends and family updated on things they may be missing. Of course, birthday parties and church gatherings are better in person, but having the power to attend these events without putting yourself at risk is a great way to keep connected.

Volunteer when you can, but remember to take precautions. Countless people, especially those who have lost their jobs, are unable to provide for their families. Reach out to food banks and see if you can help distribute or buy food for those who need it. However, be aware of your physical state at all times. If you feel under the weather, stay at home. If you are well enough to volunteer, make sure to wear a clean mask and new disposable gloves at all time to keep yourself and those around you safe.

Quarantine due to Covid-19 is a hard time for all of us, and the side effects come in many forms. Take some time after reading this to check in on a loved one and see if you can provide support to those who may need it.

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