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Gal Continues Win Streak At Science Hill.

Fifth Seed, Andrew Gal
Fifth Seed, Andrew Gal

Science Hill High School is in Johnson City, Tennessee. For their senior night, they hosted Morristown West’s Tennis Team and played non-conference matches. A non-conference match simply does not count because the teams are not in the same district. 

Science Hill boasts the number one women’s tennis team in the state, additionally, their number one seed for men's, Daniel Haddadin, has committed to Mount Saint Mary’s, which has a division one tennis team.

As of now, the West High Men’s tennis team has a record of six wins to two losses and the women’s team has four wins to four losses. 

West High’s fifth seed, Andrew Gal has gone undefeated this season, even in this most recent non-conference event, winning his game eight to four.

Another notable event on West High’s side of the field is the doubles game with Brayden Martin and Bryson Whaley (sixth and seventh seed respectively), while Whaley and Martin lost the game five to eight, they pulled up from zero to four. 

West High also won all of its exhibition games. West High's senior night is April 25 against Northview at home.

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