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Trojans Win East West Soccer Scrimmage

By Charlie Neill, Editor

Andrew Goodman, A&E Editor

The Morristown West Boys Soccer Team started off the season winning over East High at the Burke-Toney Stadium. During the scrimmage, West players tried their best after missing numerous practices due to weather.

By the middle of the first half, West already established a lead. The first half ended with a score of 3-1. The second half however was a slow and intense gridlock between the two teams. Both teams struggled to score points and by the end of the second half, East attempted and failed to tie the game. The second half ended with West winning 3-2.

Jonathan Hanna
West High Boys Soccer Coach, Jonathan Hanna

Juan Villasenor
Juan Villasenor, senior, evades East Players. PHOTO BY TIM RICE

Head Coach Jonathan Hanna commented, “I thought it went very well in the first half, but disorganized in the second half...” He felt that, “combination play was very good and defensively we were good.” As mentioned before, the recent heavy rains have impacted their ability to practice. Hanna hopes that in the future they will be able to practice more and improve. Altogether, West won the scrimmage but both teams got some extra practice in the long run.

Interview With Jonathan Hanna, Boys Soccer Coach

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