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Trojan Varsity Baseball Hopes To Make Comeback After Losing First Game

By Charlie Neill, Editor

Andrew Goodman, A&E Editor

It was a rough first game for West High’s Varsity Baseball team Feb. 9 as they lost to Sevier County High School at Trojan Park. The Trojans were able to gain one point in the first inning, starting the second inning with a score of 1-0. By the fifth inning, Sevier County made a comeback bringing the score to 1-4.

Baseball Field
A panoramic view of the Baseball Field at West High.

After the fifth inning, the score stayed in a gridlock and remained the same leaving the Trojans losing 1-4. Assistant baseball coach Todd Coffey stated in an interview that “We just did not hit the baseball… we let too many fastballs go by.” Coffey felt that the team did great otherwise. He stated, “Watson had a great RBI double... Camden [Lovin] pitched a heck of a game.”

Camden Lovin pitching
Camden Lovin pitching during the game

The team still hopes to improve and showcase their talents as the season continues.

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