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Tik Tok Trends Takeover Teens


     Do you have any type of social media? Well if you do, you've heard or seen a Tik Tok. This application lets users choose or create audio snippets attached to a short 15-60 second videos. Tik Toks can vary from comedy to inspirational messages behind each video. 

Tik Tok was launched in September of 2016, shooting off and becoming a viral sensation throughout the world. Tik Tok not only is a leading social application in the U.S. but also number one in Asia and other parts of the world. The viral app was created by a china-based company that creates innovative platforms powered by machine learning technology called Byte Dance. 

     Tik Tok like any other social application has individuals that are considered famous through the Tik Tok community. Holding the top rank with 33.1 million followers, twin sisters Lisa and Lena Mantler (@lisaandlena) are very influential on Tik Tok. Lisa and Lena are 17 years old and are also followed by a large fan base on other media like Instagram and Twitter.

Lisa and Lena Mantler at the 2019 Kids Choice Awards
Lisa and Lena Mantler at the 2019 Kids Choice Awards

     Holding second place is Loren Gray (@lorengray) with a close 30.8 million fans. Loren is also 17 years old and is an upcoming artist as well. Loren also carries a huge fan base on Instagram and YouTube. 

Loren Gray in her new album cover
Loren Gray in her new album cover.

     Ranking at number three, Ariel Martin (@babyariel) stands with 29.7 million followers on Tik Tok. The 18-year-old upcoming artist is professionally known as Baby Ariel. Not only is Ariel famous for her trendy Tik Toks but also is seen in many new kid movies and TV shows. Baby Ariel also creates music for her huge fan base. 

Ariel Martin at the 2019 Kids Choice Awards
Ariel Martin at the 2019 Kids Choice Awards

Just like any platform, Tik Tok creates viral trends almost on a daily basis. Trends like Clown check, The get up, Bad guy plot twist, and Just a little bit hee hee are the most popular. All these trends are just repeated videos using the same audio, but each person adds their own personal twist to each video. The more creative the video can be the more it attracts viewers. 

    Just like every platform, Tik Tok can become problematic when involving children. Dangerous trends can be misinterpreted because this app can be linked to humorous behavior. Adults should always supervise the content being played on social media for kids. Easy restrictions can be placed on these apps for safety of the child. 

     Be safe and keep on Tik Tokin’!

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