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Things To Do On Christmas With Family


There are a lot of things to do on Christmas with family like baking, movies, and playing board games. Some families go ice-skating, attend a tree lighting ceremony, and read Christmas cards aloud. There are other families that do marathons of TV and movies with each other, and they will also invite friends to come and join them. There are some families who go to the Smoky Mountains to go and hang out there for Christmas. The things people do at Smoky Mountains are catch a Christmas show, Gatlinburg Trolley Tours, and the fantasy of lights Christmas parade. Some people do go out and eat with friends and their families. Another thing people do is get out the photo album. Parents and grandparents show photos of when they were kids and when their kids were little.

Furthermore, there is one other thing that some families do on Christmas and that is sing carols with each other. Some families’ grandparents will tell a story about their favorite childhood memory. There are some people who go and visit family who live far away and spend Christmas with them. Families also spend their Christmas visiting friends and going out with other family members. Parents sometimes try to do different things on Christmas like make anonymous cards for each other, other family members, and friends. Another thing that students and their family members can do is wreath-making or popcorn garland. Overall, students and their family can be with each other.

On Christmas Eve, Marc Diaz and his family invite a lot of their family members to come on over for Christmas. Diaz family members will bring presents and maybe some food as well. They mostly make the food and they celebrate Christmas at Diaz’s house and their family members will all arrive on Christmas Eve. They just have a good time until its 12 am. Diaz said, “We sometimes go outside, depending on the day it looks outside.”

Marc Diaz and his family take a family photo over Christmas.
Marc Diaz and his family take a family photo over Christmas.

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