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Thanksgiving Should Always Be Celebrated



It is a common opinion among the American people that the most looked-over holiday is none other than Thanksgiving. It’s no secret that Halloween and Christmas do a great job at overshadowing the thankful holiday. Even some of Morristown’s local stores put out Halloween pumpkins and swiftly exchange them for Christmas trees and holly without taking a single beat to consider Thanksgiving decorations. Although the holiday has changed throughout the years, the message of the celebration is still crystal clear: Always be thankful for who and what one has.

The purpose of Thanksgiving has certainly changed throughout the years. The Holiday’s origin began as a remembrance of the early Pilgrims who crossed the ocean in Europe to create a new life in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Despite this fact, Pilgrims are not always the first thing that come to mind when thinking of the day. Aaron Martin, a West High junior, says, “The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Thanksgiving is getting together with my family to eat the best food in the world.” Even Brittany Long, West High School librarian, claims that “time with family and good food” are the first things she thinks of when considering the celebration. 

An interesting number of students surveyed believe the new meaning of Thanksgiving is now overshadowed by the feasting that takes place, leading people to question whether it is important enough to be celebrated. “The holiday itself is important, however people only think of food instead of why the holiday is important or the true meaning,” claims Lauren Freeman, a senior here at West High. Summer Gregory says, “It should definitely be celebrated. It’s one of the few days you can show how thankful you are and eat turkey!”

In conclusion, Thanksgiving is a holiday that, although it can be overshadowed, has an important message to share for those who celebrate. It is more than simply eating turkey; it is about giving, loving, sharing, caring, and being thankful.

Thanksgiving should be celebrated for its historical and sentimental purposes
Thanksgiving should be celebrated for its historical and sentimental purposes

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