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Tennessee Promise Volunteer Hours

High School Seniors may apply for the Tennessee Promise scholarship, which provides two years of tuition-free attendance at a community or technical college in Tennessee. For the Tennessee Promise scholarship, a student must have eight hours of community service for each semester that you receive the scholarship.

There are many places that a student can get their community service hours for the scholarship. A good place to get volunteer hours is the Boys and Girls Club, all that a student has to do is join the club, and they will be able to talk to them about getting the volunteer hours.

Another good place to volunteer is Daily Bread Community Kitchen, a soup kitchen that helps feed people that are struggling through these hard times. Not only will a student be volunteering to get their Tennessee Promise scholarship, but they will be making a huge difference in people’s lives. They will be helping feed homeless people that if it was not for them, they wouldn’t know where their next meal would come from.

United Way is another great volunteer organization. When a student volunteers through United Way, they’re joining 2.8 million people who are giving back so others can get ahead. United Way advances the common good by creating opportunities for all. They focus on education, income and health.

These are the United Way organizations and phone numbers where students can get their community service hours. Please call first for more information.

· American Red Cross, 423-765-4222

· Boys and Girls Club, 423-586-2331

· Boy Scouts, 865-566-0620

· Central Services, 423-586-9431

· Epilepsy Foundation, 865-522-4991

· Friends of Hospice, 423-586-5284

· Girls Inc. 423-581-4430

· Helping Hands Clinic, 423-581-4100

· Kingswood Home for Children, 865-767-2121

· Lakeway Achievement Center, 423-586-2196

· Lakeway Casa, 423-307-5762

· Ministerial Association Temporary Shelter, 423-587-9215

· Child Care Center,423-587-3001

· MCNABB Center, 423-581-4761

· Rescue Squad, 423-586-1313

· Rose Center, 423-581-4330

· Senior Citizens Center, 423-581-5166

· Senior Citizens Home Assistance Center, 423-586-2359

· Stepping Out, 423-318-0999

The Boys and Girls Club logo
The Boys and Girls Club logo

Daily bread community kitchen logo
Daily bread community kitchen logo

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