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Students Share Their Opinions On Martin Luther King Jr.


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On this day everyone remembers one of the most loved members of the Civil Rights movement, Martin Luther King Jr.(MLK). MLK was known mostly for his “I Have A Dream” speech. That speech was listened to by thousands of people then and is still played every day because it was and still is so influential. MLK was an active participant in the Civil Rights movement from 1955 until his assassination in 1968. He led many organized protests by nonviolent protests and civil disobedience.

MLK was assassinated at the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis, TN on April 4, 1968. MLK was only 39 years old when he passed. MLK’s Assassin was James Earl Ray. When Ray was found guilty he was sentenced to 99 years in the Tennessee State Penitentiary.

Will Castle, junior stated, “I respect MLK because he paved the way for other African Americans to gain equal rights even though they are still fighting the war against racism.”

Jaci Leigh, junior stated, “Martin Luther King, Jr. embodied outstanding moral qualities such as truth, courage, and justice. In order to make an impact on America, MLK gave Americans strength and courage.”

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