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Students Share Preparations for Senior Year



“I cannot wait for senior year to arrive.” This is the most common phrase that one has heard since the beginning of their freshman year being said from themselves or many other classmates. In a matter of seconds, the buzz of starting a new school year, University applications, and finals have almost passed. The pressure is almost off for senior students. Some of the most common anticipated senior moments are prom, graduation, and college acceptances. Everything that one has done to fulfill their dreams is coming up to them these final few months that remain for them as they will transition themselves from a teenager to an adult. Everything matters throughout each year of high school year. Starting off from getting good grades, maintaining a GPA, and obtaining class credits.

Summer Gregory, Senior at  West High, gives advice to underclassmen.

Summer Gregory, Senior at West High, states, "It is an important year. We are about to start adulthood, although it can be super stressful at times. This is the last year of high school, so make the best of it.” Gregory has future goals that she wants to accomplish. Gregory said, “I want to get into college and major in Teaching. Eventually I will graduate and earn my degree. Soon enough, I will start a family.” Underclassmen need advice from these experimented seniors, and Gregory’s advice is, “Don’t procrastinate anything, but when things get overwhelming, just do it. You will end up regretting it if you walk into a class empty handed.”

Breyonna Williams, Senior at West High, gives advice to underclassmen.

Breyonna Williams, senior at West High, states, “Senior year is exciting because you are a step away from spreading your wings. Not only that, but Graduation. All of the late night cramming’s are almost over.” Williams’s advice to underclassmen is, “Enjoy what you can of your high school years. Take honors classes if possible and AP classes. However, do not overwhelm yourself with too many challenging classes because it can be stressful.” William’s goals after high school are to attend college and fulfill her dream of becoming a Forensic Pathologist.

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