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Students Give opinions on Console or PC for Video Games



Video games are a major part of today’s economy. The Video game market is worth over 80 billion US dollars. 2.5 billion people worldwide play video games.

Many Gamers play on multiple platforms. 67% of the 211.2 million gamers play on multiple platforms. 59% play on both a mobile device and a PC or Console. 41% of gamers play on a single console. 43% of gamers play on consoles such as a PlayStation or Xbox.

Gamers usually play around 12 hours per week.

My personal favorite would have to be console because they are made to play games on, so they run smoother longer while doing so.

Sophomore from Morristown-West High School Nathanial Murray states, “Console is better because it will run longer than a PC will.” Sophomore Christian Stone states, “PC is better because graphics and game performance are better.”

PCs usually cost $400+ while consoles cost $200 at the cheapest. So, if someone has less money to spend on something like a hobby, Console would probably be best. Consoles also are better for starters then jumping straight into a high-end PC. Since consoles are cheaper than a PC it would be easier just to replace the console if it messes up rather than repair it.

If there is a more generous budget for it a High-end PC would be the best choice because the graphics and overall performance is better. PCs also tend to have a smoother picture. Some of the parts in a computer are also not so easy to replace.

The PC and all Consoles all have their Pros and Cons.

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Students share opinions on PC versus Console for gaming.
Students share opinions on PC versus Console for gaming.

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