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Students Compete at DECA State Conference

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

The DECA state conference will be held on March 3,2022 through March 4,2022.. DECA has many opportunities for the members such as career interest in marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality and management. The district competition is in February every year. Students will be challenged to perform management functions and tasks focusing on high-level financial and business planning, including collection and organization of data, development and use of reports, and analysis of data to make business decisions.

The students who made it to the 2022 state conference will follow the agenda provided. Thursday, March 3, the students will go to the opening session and students can also go to a MDA dance and the Tennessee aquarium. The second day, the students can attend business administration events, mini award banquet and they will also have a formal dance. The last day they will have the grand award session.