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Student Council Elects New Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Class Officers

Thursday, Aug. 19, 2021, students at West High School elected new class officers for Student Council. There was voting for the positions of sophomore class representatives, and there was no voting for junior and senior class officers, as there were exactly enough applicants to fill the positions that were vacant. The new members are Catherine Barile (Senior Class Secretary), Nicolette Abate (Senior Class Representative), Matthew Hart (Senior Class Representative), Faith Hodge (Senior Class Representative), Lexi Shepard (Junior Class Historian), Bella Harold (Sophomore Class Representative), and Chloe Seal (Sophomore Class Representative). “I am thrilled to lead West High with these new grade-level officers to make this year special in every way possible! I am confident that these new officers will lead and serve West High to the best of their ability,” William Hunley, senior and Student Council President stated. “I cannot wait to see what great things the Student Council accomplishes with the help of these new members!”