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Strategies for starting a new school year successfully

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Over 56.4 million students (about twice the population of Texas) are attending schools throughout the United States this year. As these students return to the classroom throughout August and September, setting themselves up for success is vital for a positive school year. Doing this is crucial both academically and socially for them. Furthermore, it will ensure they enjoy a happier semester.

A way students can prepare themselves academically is by organizing all school sup

Colorful highlighters make note taking and memorization simpler for the school year
Colorful highlighters make note taking and memorization simpler for the school year

plies. An example of this would be to use binder tabs. Binder tabs would aid in keeping homework, classroom assignments, and other papers neat. Students should also make sure they create tidy notes, allowing them to reference these when needed. On top of these tips, students may find that keeping a to-do list or planner is exceptionally useful. They can keep track of due dates and after-school activities, making sure nothing is left behind.

Beginning a new school year may seem daunting to students, but it can seem less so with friends and classmates by their side. There is a multitude of ways to make new friends in school. Students can join different extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs, or could even volunteer. Additionally, creating a favorable first impression on both teachers and students alike is key to success. One can accomplish this by being themselves and appearing confident. Overall, beginning a school year may seem scary, but it is a chance to start fresh and accomplish new things.

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