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Snow Days Bring Bliss to Students

BY Maylea Brown

We have officially had our very first snow day of 2020! With that being said, we also just celebrated our fall break the week before. The snow day gave us an extension to enjoy spending time with family and friends. To us kids, a snow day is like a celebration. Instead of going to class, kids can have snowball fights or go sledding. We all love waking up on a chilly December morning reading the text “Schools will be closed due to weather” and then looking outside our window to see snowflakes dancing to the ground! Snow days are what kids and adults love to have. I mean who would not want to sit inside watching the snow, watching Christmas movies, drinking hot chocolate, playing in the snow, snowball fights, and sledding. Jayden Watson, a student at West High School, remarked, “I went out with some friends and went sledding and then watched Netflix afterwards.”

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