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Seniors Offer Advice to Underclassmen

With graduation quickly approaching, seniors have shared some advice for the underclassmen. Most say it is best to start applying for scholarships during the junior year of high school. Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, and CTE courses are some of the top classes to take. For students who are worried about how to study for the ACT, the teachers at Morristown West have helped out a lot. ACT Prep websites helped a lot of people as well. Seniors that were interviewed have said that throughout school, their most favorite courses were English and Science. It is best to start thinking about post-secondary opportunities during sophomore year. For students that are wondering whether to do a part-time job or internship during school, seniors shared it is best to do a part-time job. Seniors that were interviewed most favorite club is Student Council. Most seniors say football is one of the most favorite sports. For students who are trying to get a driver’s permit and do not know what is the best way to study, the DMV gives out study books and that is how most of the seniors that were interviewed studied for the permit test. Elijah Livesay states that his greatest high school memory is winning homecoming king and spending time with his friends. Seniors recommend going to sporting events to support the school culture.

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