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Senior Superlatives: Most Talented Category Winners

To win the Senior Superlative: Most Talented is undoubtedly a high honor to receive, and that statement remains true for this year’s winners Lilian DesGroseilliers and Caleb King.

Lilian DesGroseilliers, a talented musician, has played the flute for a large portion of her life. She loves playing the flute because she can constantly see her growth whilst being able to express herself through music. Although she’s been in band since the 5th grade, she does not want to have a career solely based on music. Instead, DesGroseilliers would prefer to pursue a career that still allows music to fit into her time. Additionally, Degroseilliers states that the only other person in her direct family is her mother, who can sing, though DesGroseilliers is the only one that can read and play music.

DesGroseilliers offered this advice to students regarding their talents: “Be proud of what you can accomplish in the moment. It’s so easy to get down on yourself and compare yourself to what others are doing, but that doesn’t mean you are any less capable of achieving greatness with what you can do in the moment.”

Lilian DesGroseilliers
Lilian DesGroseilliers

Caleb King, who is a talented visual artist, loves art due to the various different mediums available to experiment with, which in turn creates endless possibilities. He has taken AP Art classes to improve his craft, as well as learning from the owner at a local art gallery called Busy Brushes. King aims to pursue a career in art and design, specifically interior design, following his graduation from high school. King also has a love of music, believing that his love for such comes from his grandmother who directed a church choir.

King offered this advice to students regarding their talents: “Never give up. Don’t listen to what others say about ‘maybe you won’t make it.’ The only way you won’t make it is if you don’t try. Believe in yourself and believe that God is your #1 fan and that he will send you in the right direction.”

Caleb King
Caleb King

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