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Sauceman’s Classes Create Chemistry Brochures

Dr. Sabella Sauceman, of West High School has created some interesting chemistry brochures with her class. Students were given a wide range of topics to choose from such as nuclear medicine, fission, fusion, consumer products, scientists and their discoveries/work in the nuclear field, and others. Sophomore, Daniela Diaz, did hers on Marie Curie, the woman who changed Chemistry and Physics forever.

The students were asked to cover the chosen topic on the brochure using bullet points or short sentences. They were asked to make them colorful and interesting. They needed to include background, how it worked, what it was, when it occurred, etc., depending on the topic they chose. Students were also required to submit a short paper describing their topic with references.

Students were asked to create a trifold or bifold brochure. Some students were able to choose a leaflet format instead which included multiple pages. Students did not have to present their brochures to the class, but students spent time looking at and reading each other’s work. Students were asked to choose two of their fellow classmates' brochures to read/look at. The standard covered for the brochures was Chem.1. PS1.10 Research topics associated with applications of nuclear chemistry.

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