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Race Season Sprints into Action with Trojan Win

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

March 15, the trojan track team raced at Cherokee High School. The race consisted of five schools; West Greene, Grainger, Cherokee, East High, and West High. This being the first meet to start off the season, many individuals as well as both the boys and girls team performed exceptionally well, with both teams winning first place.

Starting off with the field events, Kacey Webb placed first place in discus and Emma Gives placed first in shot put. Freshman, Amyia Freeman, placed first in long jump and not far behind, Aubrey Whitworth placed second, Whitworth also went and placed first in triple jump. For the first running event the West High girls 4x8 team placed second. Amyia Freeman then placed first for the 100 meter hurdles. Sophomore, Audreonna McCullogh then placed first in the open 100 meter dash. West also placed first in the 4x100 relay as well as the 4x400 relay, the girls 4x200 then placed second. Allie Swann placed first in the open 400 meter. Senior, Ashlyn Haas, placed second in the open 800, as well as placing first in the 1600 meter. Lastly, Peyton Couch finished first place in the 3200 meter.

Next up for the boys field events, Kameron Fain came in first place for boys shot put, and William Sanchez got third place. Preston Edmonds came in first place for long jump, followed behind with Chase Insco getting third place, and Philip Lotivio placing fourth. For relays the boys 4x800 placed first. Freshman, Noah Graves, placed first place in the open 100 meter. Sophomore, Philip Lotivio also placed first in the open 200 meter. Michael Fuchs then placed second place in the open 400 as well as third place for the 300 meter hurdles. The winner of the 300 meter hurdles would be sophomore Rachtian Rivera. Next, sophomore Jaiden Carmichael placed first in the open 800. Lastly Nick Sexton placed first in the 1600, and second in the 3200.

Senior, Lindsay Farmer
Senior, Lindsay Farmer

Sophomore, Savannah Farmer

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