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Protectors of the Angels (POA) Help Abused Children

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Supporters and family members of POA participate in bike ride.

Protectors of the Angels (POA) is a child abuse awareness group to surround, protect, and support children. POA escorts the children and family to court dates, interviews, and more. If the child is scared or worried, they accompany them make them feel more secure. POA provides the children with a vest so they can feel like a part of POA and as well as their family. They help kids all around, not just in Hamblen County. Maria Hernandez, Becky Burrell, Chris Burrell, Jeff Singleton, and Angie Singleton run Protectors of the Angels. POA has bike rides and as well as fundraisers to raise money for the families and the vests for the children.

June 19, 2021 was the first event by Protectors of the Angels at Harley Davison in Morristown, Tennessee. There were bounce houses for the children, face painting, door prize for a gift certificate inside the Harley Davison shop, an auction, stations to buy snacks, and a cookout. As of right now, there has been one child so far in Hamblen County that they have helped. This child was assaulted and POA assisted the family through the process of going to interviews, appointments, and the District Attorney’s office. POA accompanied the family to court and the man received a 10-year prison sentence.

Protectors of the Angels also had a bike ride Oct. 9, 2021 to raise money for a child with cancer. The ride was from Classic Leathers in Morristown, Tennessee traveling through 11e to 66 through Sneedville, Tennessee and back to Classic Leathers. Afterwards, they did a cookout, along with a drawing raffle for tattoos, food certificates, and door prizes. The Wildflower Foundation provided all the food for the event that day. At the end of the event, all of the proceeds went to the family. All left over food was handed out to the homeless afterwards.

Their Facebook is PROTECTORS OF THE ANGELS. Everyone is respected in this group. There will be people that do not share the same opinion on situations but a healthy discussion is encouraged. Disrespect, bullying, cursing, and name calling is not tolerated. They discuss only any form of child abuse or a missing child. Members of the Facebook group also share their own stories. They can share others story with permission as long as there are no names shared with anyone else. They will never disclose a child’s name. Pictures are acceptable, however when posting about an abused child you cannot post the child’s picture unless it is your child and no face pictures that will identify the child. They also have a Tiktok account, protectorsoftheangels, made by Hailey Dover. Although there are no posts on this account right now, there will be soon. To report child abuse in Hamblen County contact the police department at 423-585-2710 or anywhere else contact the Department of Children Services at 423-318-6800.

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