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Please Welcome West High 2.0 Renovations

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Most students at West can agree that they have been waiting for renovations since they started attending West. The bathrooms have been an area of concern for most students, and the heat and air equipment renovations for the facility are long overdue. 

West is hoping to start renovations in March of 2020, but the early steps such as the design work will be continuing through this fall. West will be working with the architectural firm The Lewis Group until the renovation’s completion. Dr. Perry shared in the school update, “It will probably take us two summers to complete the project to minimize disruptions during the school year. The entire project should be completed by August 2021.”   

Emmie Barnett talked about a downfall of the renovations, saying, “I would say I’m worried about parking, because if they’re going to extend the cafeteria, we’re going to lose more parking that we already don’t have.” 

When it comes to the most favored part of renovation, it is split between the cafeteria and the bathrooms with Emmie Barnett saying that the bathrooms were “what she was most excited about.” Gabe Davis is most excited about the cafeteria. 

A faculty member had a little more to say about the renovation itself. Mrs. Szatkowski gave insight on how long she has been waiting for the renovations, stating, “Well, since my children were here. They graduated in 2007 and 2011.” 

Although there are many differing views, everyone can agree that West is in need of this renovation. 

Gabe Davis
Gabe Davis is most excited about the new cafeteria expanding.

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