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Pets Behind the Scenes of West High Students

Pets make the world a better place. Pets provide companionship, increase mental-wellbeing, and encourage exercise.

Charlie Fitzgerald & Lily & Bailey & Boots

Lily is the princess of the bunch while Bailey is known as the forever puppy. She is very clumsy and even though she’s getting older, she still acts like a puppy. Boots is very skittish and does not get along with the rest of the dogs.

Lauren Gray & Tuck Oliver Gray

Gray noted, “He likes to play ‘soccer’ by holding a stuffed toy in his mouth and simultaneously batting around a tennis ball using his paws.”

Aaron Johnson & Abe

Abe, a white poodle, loves the beach.

Aidan McCauley & Jo & Priscilla

Jo is a Flame Point Siamese cat and Priscilla is a Tortoiseshell cat. Jo is named after Jolene, a song by Dolly Parton. They both love fighting each other. Priscilla is a troublemaker and loves cuddles. Jo does not like physical affection, is skittish, and sheds a lot. McCauley stated that, “even though they’re so different, they still get the zoomies at three a.m.”

Mikaela Mello & Athena

Athena, a blue-nosed Pitbull, is Mikaela’s beloved pet. Her birthday is on Mother’s day. She enjoys eating rocks and rolling around on the carpet.

Emma Owens & Lucy

Lucy, an albino cat, loves to eat.

Riley Mongold & Sebastian & Maggie

Sebastian is a three-legged cat. Mongold added, “We assume he got hit by a car but luckily only lost his leg.” Maggie is not pictured but Mongold expressed, “One year on July fourth, she was in her cage while my family went to go see fireworks. When we came back, we realized she had chewed through the metal cage and escaped.”

Hailee Moore & Max

Max is a nine year old Chinese Crested Chihuahua. According to Moore, he likes sleeping on his heating pad, eating ham, and cuddling.

Grace Stedding & Gizmo

Stedding stated, “Gizmo is a little gentleman who loves everything except feet and babies.”

Isabella Swanson & Eli

Swanson shared, “Eli is twelve years old, and he’s a big goofball. Considering his age, he's as happy and healthy as he can be.”

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