Noe, Sia Voted Most Likely to Succeed


Macy Noe Most Likely to Succeed.

Macy Noe is the Most Likely to Succeed female nominee. Noe is an A+ student who has taken eight AP classes and is planning to take three more. Noe is currently dual enrolled in Probability and Statistics at Walters State. Her college major goals are Chemical Engineering or Biochemistry. Some tips Noe would give for studying would be, “Don’t do all the studying the night before and don’t use a yellow highlighter.”

Nathan Sia Most Likely to Succeed.

Nathan Sia is the Most Likely to Succeed male nominee. Sia is an A+ student that has taken eight AP classes. Sia also is dual enrolled in English 101 at Carson-Newman. Sia plans to major in Economics for college. Some tips Sia would give for studying would be to record lectures, especially if one has trouble paying attention.

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