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New Teacher in Town

Just recently, West High welcomed another teacher to the Trojan Nation. Ronald Russ will be the new social studies teacher for the Freshmen students.

Russ is not from Morristown. He is from Greeneville, Tennessee but has lived in both the northern and southern parts of Arizona prior to attending High school in Greeneville.

Russ is not the only teacher in his family though. He has a wife who also teaches in special education, however, she is taking a break from teaching to take care of their little boy who is just three years old. He also has an older daughter who is thirteen years old. Someone else who is Included in his family is his pet cat Marina who is a gray Tabby. Marina hates human food except for the goldfish snacks.

Russ got his education from both Walters State and East Tennessee State University. He received an Undergraduate degree in Philosophy and also received his graduate degree in education of history for grades sixth through the twelfth grade. Despite being certified to teach U.S. and world history, he wishes to add more to his certification in the future.

Russ has never taught at a public school prior to coming to West High. Instead, he substituted at schools for troubled students during his time while living in Greeneville.

“I liked it a lot,” Russ expressed, “we were not only teaching one subject, but helping people with all subjects everyday. So, I am glad to be at Morristown West, where I can focus on history, which I really love.”

Russ was inspired to teach during his time at Holston Home for Children, the school he substituted for in Greeneville, and also during his time as a troop leader for the girl scouts. Russ enjoyed seeing the students there grow as people and learn. This is what inspired him to step away from Philosophy and move towards teaching. “I wish to help my students learn to treat each other well, and with respect. I think a big part of Social Studies has to do with civics and being good to each other.” Russ explains.

So students and teachers, give a warm welcome to the new member of the Trojan Nation next time you see him.

Social studies teacher, Ronald Russ, outside of his classroom in freshmen academy
(Social studies teacher, Ronald Russ, outside of his classroom in freshmen academy)

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