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New Restaurant Called Huey Magoo’s Next to Open in West Morristown

A new restaurant called Huey Magoo's will be opening in Morristown! It is the second Huey Magoo’s being opened in Tennessee with the first one opened in Tennessee having been in Kingsport on May 4th of last year. The Huey Magoo’s being opened in Morristown will be the 25th restaurant opening system that spans five states and with over 200 franchises sold in 9 states.

Huey Magoo’s has dine in and take out options, delivery through third party delivery services and apps, and drive thru and curbside pick up. Huey Magoos is of course centered around their renowned chicken tenders that can be grilled, hand breaded, or sauced with the customers choosing. Huey Magoos also offers farm fresh salads, sandwiches and wraps. Their tenders are all natural with no antibiotics, hormones, steroids, or preservatives. Huey Magoo’s will be located on 4374 Erica Green Cir near the West end Walmart.

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