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New Activities To Try On Christmas With Family


There are a lot of things to do on Christmas day or for Christmas Eve. One amazing thing to do on Christmas day is make a new family tradition. Another thing is to send soldiers holiday cards. Families can also watch some Christmas movies like “The Polar Express”, “The Grinch that Stole Christmas”, and “Elf”. They can also watch “Charlie Brown” Christmas movies. People can also bake cupcakes, cake, pies, and cookies on Christmas. Some families will go around their neighborhood and will go singing to their neighbors. A great thing to do with family is decorate a Gingerbread House. They can also make a homemade gift for each other and for friends.

In addition, a thing families and friends can do on Christmas is visit other families. People can also make some fun games to play on Christmas like find the elf, find Santa Claus, and a Christmas bingo card game. Families can also make a little get together for Christmas. They can also have a secret Santa where they get gifts for random people. There is another thing that families can do on Christmas day and it’s to have a eggnog contest to see who made the best eggnog. On Christmas families can also just stay in all day and watch movies, make some popcorn, and drink hot chocolate.

Decorate the Christmas tree.
Decorate the Christmas tree.

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