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Neilson returns to West as IT specialist

Ian Neilson
Ian Neilson

Ian Neilson, a member of West High’s class of 2020, has returned to West as an information technology support specialist. Neilson’s career with Hamblen County’s school system began as an intern during the summer of 2020. In 2021, Neilson returned to HCBOE after leaving ETSU for personal reasons. Neilson held this post until the beginning of this school year, when he was hired full time as the student help desk support specialist for East and West High Schools.

According to Neilson, IT appeals to him because “... troubleshooting and repairing computers is a rewarding experience for me. It's almost like a puzzle, taking a series of problems and figuring out what the right solution to fix it is.” This mindset is why Neilson works with the school system as well. Neilson enjoys teaching students about “...the lesser known aspects of how computers work and how to troubleshoot and repair them.” This passion for computers has led Neilson to an A+ certification, and he is also working towards a Network+ certification.

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