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Most Likely to Never Return to Morristown

Updated: Dec 6, 2019



Seniors voted for Senior superlatives here recently and one of the superlatives was students who would most likely never return to Morristown. The female that was voted for it was Skye Bennett, and the male that was voted for it was Vito Raimondi. Bennett had no

Skye Bennett in the West High Halls

clue why she was voted the superlative. Raimondi’s response on being voted most likely to never return to Morristown

was, “Because I don’t enjoy living in Morristown and I think that there are better and bigger opportunities in a bigger city.”

Vito Raimondi points to California

Both of them mentioned their plans on where they’d possibly go when they move from Morristown and Bennett’s reply was, “I have no idea, I just want to live somewhere visually appealing with nice people.” Raimondi’s reply was, “I will be living in California or Florida.”

They also gave some reasons on why they might stay in Morristown. They both had similar answers. Bennett’s response was, “the mountains and the views” and Raimondi’s response was “the location and being close to Gatlinburg and nature.” They both gave similar answers on what’s a reason they want to get out of Morristown. Their response to it was, to try new things and that there are more opportunities.

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