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Most Likely to Leave Morristown Superlative Nominated

The female senior selected for the superlative is Katie Tran! Tran expresses that getting a superlative was a surprise, saying, “ I was honestly shocked to get a superlative at all in general.” Tran likes living in Morristown but she also does not think she would ever want to live here permanently or in the future. Tran's favorite thing about Morristown is Panther Creek Park and her least favorite thing is “the lack of things to do. For example, we don't have many places to hang out or shop.” As for her future after high school, Tran is still waiting on all of her college decisions but right now is set on attending Georgia Tech. Tran states, “I plan on majoring in biomedical engineering with a concentration in pre-med. Currently, I aspire to be an ENT.” Tran also loves to travel and shared that “I loved visiting Colorado: the state itself is beautiful and there are so many local shops and tons of recreational activities to partake in. I recently just went to Nevada and hiked through the Valley of Fire, which was stunning.” One place Tran would love to live is Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Katie Tran
Katie Tran

The male senior selected for the superlative is Gage Livesay. He could not be reached for comment.

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