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Middle school's new soccer teams Lincoln V.S West

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

At the beginning of this year there was talk about all middle schools having a soccer team. Having the opportunity to go and watch Lincoln Heights middle school and West View Middle come face to face for the first time was a great opportunity. Both teams played really well and had great sportsmanship. The end score was 4-2 with a Lincoln win .From Lincoln Tony Carbajal - scored 1 William Enamorado - 2 and Isaac Quetzecua - 1. Enamorado did shoot 2 but was sadly counted out of bounds and finally from West View Alighandro Cuervo Rios - 1 and Elijah Thompson -1.

Eric Granados Perez #4 from West View Middle stated that one of his goals this season is to get better at passing the ball across the field better. He joined the Westview soccer team because he was interested in a school sport and loved to play. This is his first year playing soccer on a team but he has always played with friends. The person that inspired him the most was his friend Alfredo Hernandez. He also stated that "Hernandez helped and taught him most of the stuff he knows now. Hernandez also currently plays for East high school. Granados plays forward and midfield. He likes hanging out with the team and having fun.

Denny Mendez Martinez #4 from Lincoln Heights Middle plays left back defender. He has been playing soccer for three years now. Martinez likes the sport so he decided to join the school team. One goal that he has this season is to go undefeated. He loves everything about soccer and also how it is fun and competitive. His role model is Lion Messi, and he is who inspired him to play.

All in all it was a great experience to watch these middle schools play the sport they love. It is a really cool thing that all middle schools decided to start these teams because it is a great opportunity for the kids to make new friends and always have fun, declared Couch Andino

Lincoln Soccer Team
Lincoln Soccer Team

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