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Meet this Year’s Best Dates to Bring Home to Mom, Dad



Meet Lauren Freeman, Senior at West High.

Striving to finish the first semester of 2019, seniors at West High were given the chance to vote for a male and female upon the given superlatives. This year chosen male and female was based on the superlative of, “Best Date to Bring to Mom and Dad.” The chosen female for this superlative is Lauren Elizabeth Freeman. Freeman states, “I am very nice and respectful with my date’s parents. I am also very respectful and caring to others.” Freeman’s response to what she thinks is her most quality as a significant other is, “I have never cheated on someone ever.” Freeman also states that the first aspect that she wants her parents to notice of her date is that he is respectful and really nice towards herself and her parents.

Meet Mason Paxton, Senior at West High.

West High’s chosen male for this superlative is Mason Paxton. Paxton said, “I believe I was chosen for this superlative because I am very respectful and social with parents.” Paxton’s quality that is the most honorable to him as the significant other is also that he has never cheated on any of his past relationships. Paxton is vigilant when it comes to the perception that his parents get from his date. Paxton states, “The impression that I want my parents to have and notice of my date is that she is caring and polite.”

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