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Meet the West High Homecoming King: Tison Johnson

Senior, Tison Johnson, has won West High Homecoming King. Johnson started playing sports at five years old. He currently plays football and baseball and has participated in a travel team. Johnson stated that his favorite sport is football. He also mentioned that he sees himself playing sports in the next five years. His love of sports originally comes from his dad. His favorite professional athlete is Lebron James. Johnson said that one of his favorite memories is scoring four touchdowns against East High in one game. He also expressed that he would like to start playing golf too. His biggest motivation in life is his mirror and one person that he looks up to in life is his mom.

Outside of sports, Johnson stated that he likes working out, running, and hanging out with his friends and family. In school, Johnson said that his favorite subject is math, and his favorite teacher is Coach Kelley. Johnson’s favorite movie is "The Princess and the Frog". He also mentioned that his favorite food is French fries and his favorite genre of music is rap.

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