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Meet the Junior President

Isabella Picardi is the president of the junior class this year. Picardi shares how her brother was the one who encouraged her to run for president. She quotes, “ Now I couldn’t imagine what my high school experience would have been without it. I love representing my class and coming up with fun ideas.” Picardi mentions how her brother was class president his sophomore, junior, and senior year; her brother is her biggest role model and she admires his genuine kindness.

Three things Picardi values are friends, family, and art. Some hobbies Picardi enjoys is painting and playing guitar. Picardi shares how she wants to major in Film and Art history in college. She explains, “ I am not sure what exactly I want to do, I don’t see the point in deciding now when it will probably change.” Ten years from now, Picardi sees herself happy, healthy, and comfortable.

Picardi has some advice for freshman's. She expresses, “ You don’t have to tell your friends everything. Some stuff you should just keep to yourself. The best way to have a good high school experience is mind your business and be nice to everyone”

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