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Meet Grudger, Homecoming King

West High’s 2024 Mr. Homecoming King is Bricyn Grudger. After hearing all of the people that were nominated for court, Grudger didn’t expect to be the one crowned king. Grudger has been impacted by two teachers at West High. He identifies who those teachers are, stating, “Mr. Hatfield and Mrs. Beverly.” Grudger finds cheeseburgers, chicken, and fruit to be his comfort foods. Grudger is a part of the West High football and basketball teams. For enjoyment outside of school, Grudger plays video games. Grudger is confident in what his plans are for his near future. He expresses, “Go to TCAT, become a plumber, and own my own business.” Because Grudger has made his mark through extracurriculars and involvement at West High, he delivers some advice for those who may struggle with putting themselves out there. He states, “Don’t worry about what others think, but you don’t have to be involved to be cool.”

Bricyn Grudger crowned West High's Homecoming King
Bricyn Grudger crowned West High's Homecoming King

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