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Learn about Cats right Meow!



  Right now you must be thinking, I already know how good cats are. Well for those who do not own a cat and thinking of having one. Listen close because I am positive to tell you the good benefits of having a cat. Cats have been domesticated for about 4,000 years. Their main purpose was to keep rodents and small pest from houses and farms. 

 Even today cats are still doing that very same job. They are more independent than dogs are. They sleep two thirds of the day, they use the litterbox on their own, and they are easily entertained. They can see six times greater in the dark than humans can. 

 Cat owners’ talk more about their cats than dog owners do. People believe that cats were domesticated in Ancient Egypt. One of the reasons why Egyptians domesticated cats and worshipped them is because they believed they were the Guardians of the Under World.  

    Here are some interesting facts about cats. They only meow at humans. This is just to show they only make that sound to us while everything else gets a growl, hiss, and purr. They say hello to each other by touching noses. Most cats are left-pawed. They can’t taste sweets. They use their whiskers like rulers, to what they can fit in and they cannot. They can only climb down backwards. One the reasons for this is because their claws are like hooks, easy to get up but not so easy getting back down.  

    In my experience with cats, they can interesting. They are patient, they are calm, and fun having around. In conclusion they are purr-fect house pets. 

This is a picture of the author's cat.

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