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Lane illuminates Advanced Placement opportunities at West

There are numerous opportunities for obtaining post secondary credit at West High School. Many students will at some point attempt advanced placement classes.

Mrs. Hannah Lane
Mrs. Hannah Lane

Advanced placement classes have a more challenging workload than high school classes and are focused on preparing students for the advanced placement test for their respective course. According to AP psychology and English teacher, Hannah Lane, “Most colleges and universities require students to score a 3 or above on the AP exam in order to earn college credit. However, students who do not score a 3 still benefit from AP courses. Research shows that scoring a 2 demonstrates college readiness.” Advanced Placement classes ready students for the college workload as well as giving them college credit. AP credits are accepted by almost every college in Tennessee, nationwide, and in over 100 countries. Students with AP classes under their belt have better enrollment chances at 85% of selective colleges.

Lane best explains the opportunities afforded by AP classes, “AP classes offer students the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school. These are challenging courses that prepare students for college. AP courses help students to stand out on college applications because they show that students are willing to challenge themselves with the most rigorous courses available, demonstrating that they are serious about their education. Passing the exam at the end of the course will give students credit for that course in college. AP students learn study skills and are encouraged to dig deeper into courses.” Above all, Lane believes that a student’s future plans is what should be the key factor when choosing class, AP, Dual Enrollment or otherwise.

A full list of West’s Advanced Placement courses:

US Government 10th Mrs. Story

US History 11th Mr. Moreland

English Literature 12th Dr. Collins

English Language 11th Ms.Jones

Biology 11th, 12th Mrs. Jamison

World History 10-12 Mr. Harp

European History 10-12 Mr. Harp

Chemistry 11th, 12th Dr. Sauceman

Calculus 11th, 12th Mr. Hayes

Statistics 11th, 12th Mr. Noble

Computer Science 9-12 Mr. Hawkins

Human Geography 9th Mr. Morgan

Economics 12th Mr. Bradley

Psychology 10th -12th Mrs. Lane

Art 10-12 Mrs. Reed

Environmental Science 10th -12th Mrs. Fitzpatrick

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