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Kicking off a brand New Year

Updated: Dec 20, 2019




The year is almost over and we wait for a new adventure to start in the year 2020. The Year 2020 is a start of a new decade. 2020 will be referred to as the “20’s”. 1920’s will no longer be called the 20’s but instead it will just be referred to as the 1920’s. According to NBC news, 2020 will be an amazing year. NBC news describes 2020 by talking about the new technology that will supposedly occur in the year such as, cars will drive themselves, the 'flying car' will be airborne, and control devices via microchips implanted in our brains.

2020 will be holding the next presidential election in the United States, starting Nov, 2020. The Congressional Elections in the US will also be held in 2020. The Summer Olympics will be in Tokyo, Japan in July and August, 2020.

New Year, New Look
New Year, New Look

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