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West Welcomes Rush to Special Education Department

By Maylea Brown

West High welcomes a new special education teacher into the Trojan Nation. Her name is Caty Rush. Rush grew up in Morristown, TN. She went to Walters State and then Milligan College which is now a University. She also obtained her Master’s degree at Carson Newman University.

Rush remarked, “ I had a teacher in high school who inspired me. She really took a genuine interest in each and every student in the class, and that was evident in every interaction she had with us. I was pretty shy and did not always openly participate in class discussions, but she helped me come out of my shell and encouraged me to use my strengths and have more confidence in my own abilities as I transitioned from high school to college.”

Caty Rush, new special education teacher
Caty Rush joins West High in the Special Education Department

Rush enjoys playing the piano, hiking, and can also be found helping her family with a small farm. They raise beef cattle and chickens! Rush’s favorite food is any and all Italian food. Rush commented “ I have really enjoyed the community at West High and the teamwork I have experienced as we all try to promote the success of our students.” Her favorite color is blue. She is a dog mom as her favorite animal is a dog. She has a dog named Molly, a Jack Russell Terrier mix. She enjoys teaching for various reasons, she remarked, “ I love getting to know students and trying to figure out what motivates them to do their best. I believe every student is capable of success with the right support, which I have the opportunity to offer them.”

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