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How to Stuff Your Teen Girl’s Stocking

Teen girls are notoriously hard to shop for. Every year, parents struggle to stuff these stockings. Never fear, for this guide will aid those struggling in this daunting task. Here are a few expert tips to help. For one, start with a budget – this will help keep from going overboard and spending too much. Also, consider splurging on a select few items while keeping most items under five dollars. Think about bringing the stocking along to the store while shopping. This will help one ensure that all presents will fit inside.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Claw Clips from Amazon - These clips are perfect for the girl that loves to take care of her hair. They are less damaging than the average pony and super cute! There is also a variety of assorted colors to match any outfit.

Carmex Chapsticks - These fun lip balms are an excellent addition to any stocking. They come in several scents and are relatively inexpensive.

Assorted Christmas Candy - For the average chocolate lover, these assorted Christmas candies must be included!

Candy Canes - If one does not like chocolate, these delicious peppermint candy canes would be the perfect seasonal choice.

Fuzzy Christmas Socks - These adorable socks will keep the teen’s feet warm and supply some holiday cheer.

Airpod case - For teens obsessed with music and tech, a case for their air pods would make a wonderful gift. This case comes in a wide choice of colors.

The Ordinary skin care - This skin care serum is perfect for a skin-care obsessed teen! It is inexpensive and wonderful quality.

Essence Lash Princess Mascara - This super modestly priced mascara is super popular! It is the ideal gift for a teen in love with makeup.

Ulta Nail Polish Set- This fun nail polish set comes with four different colored nail polishes and is adorable.

Travel Perfume Bottle - These portable, refillable mini perfume spray bottles are ideal for a girl on the go. They can be used for travel, after practice, or anytime away from home!

Yankee Mini Candle - This four-dollar candle would be a good addition to a stocking! It comes in a multitude of delicious scents that would suit any teen.

Lauren Gray and Macey Warren prepare stockings for gifts
Lauren Gray and Macey Warren prepare stockings for gifts

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