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Historical Snow Storm Hits Lakeway Area



As October fades away and November takes its place, Morristown and the surrounding regions were hit with record low temperatures and historical storms. Tues. Nov. 12 during the hours 4:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m., snow crept in on the residents of Hamblen County. Within four hours, the Lakeway region was blanketed in one to two inches of snow, closing schools and businesses alike. During the day of November 12, the highest temperature was 55 and the lowest was 19 with wind gusts of 30 mph. This snow was record breaking as the last time it snowed this early and this much in November was 1963.

West High and the other schools in the area were closed following the record-breaking snow. Many students used this day as a day to have snow related activities like sledding or building snowmen with friends or many used it as an opportunity to sleep in. In regards to what she did on her day off, West High student Taylor Simmons said, "I got together with some friends and had a snowball fight and played Just Dance." As many students will tell you, it was a much needed break.

Jacob Greene, Dominich Hazeltine, Jackson Neill, Taylor Simmons, Hadden Lee, Alli Goodman, Chloe Livesay, and Emmalee Stubblefield suit up to sled on those Hamblen County hills.

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